Who has used a tablet?

Can you post what your experience has been with BackCountry Navigator?

I am particularly interested in any stories from Dell Tablets because I have been talking to someone from Dell (they've been asking for my advice on their tablet strategy 😉  – no, not really). 

One suggestion from the survey was to make the software 'Galaxy Tab Friendly'. I don't know in what way it is unfriendly for Galaxy Tab yet. It looks okay in the emulator. 

I know there also many nonstandard tablets that don't have GPS.

One thought on “Who has used a tablet?

  1. Not a Dell, but it’s a tablet. I got the S7 in December 2010 and Backcountry Navigator was one of the first programs I purchased.

    I’ve been preparing to use it on a LONG offroad trip in March, so I’ve been downloading maps (arial and topo) for the area in question.

    1) When downloading maps for offline use, the first point for region selection can be a bit difficult. I don’t know if it’s a function of resolution, zoom or just this device; but I have to click pretty much exactly on the grid lines to start a new region selection.

    2) When downloading large amounts of data for a long trip, it might be nice if there was a way to download the highest zoom level right along the route and less detail farther out.

    Otherwise, the program has been faithfully doing exactly what I’ve been asking. I’m sure I’ll have more feedback towards the end of March :).

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