Winter Sports with BackCountry Navigator

Winter sports is a game played on snow or ice. Since winter is finally here, those who have been waiting excitedly for the first snow so they can enjoy their favorite winter sports will be definitely pleased. It is not surprising that there are Android apps in the Android Market for ski lovers and snowboarders.  

If you are headed for the slopes, you need to have a GPS device with you and the best device would be a smartphone with an Android GPS app. It will serve as your company on the ski trail to prevent you from getting lost by providing information from a pre-downloaded map.

Many winter sports rely on GPS especially cross-country skiing where players push themselves across terrains of snow, using skis and poles. Since cross-country skiing is done in places with large snowfields, the players rely primarily on direction. GPS device is a reliable tool to show them exactly where they are and which way they are headed. It keeps them in contact with their companions all the time.

The most popular winter sports are:

Ice-skating is played using ice skates. It can be done either on specially prepared indoor and outdoor tracks, or on frozen body of water like rivers and lakes. It has several purposes aside from winter sports, which are exercise and leisure.

Skiing is traveling into snow using skis that is connected with boots with the use of a binding.  

Skiing is grouped into two categories: Nordic and Alpine. Nordic skiing originated in Scandinavia and an older skiing practice, which uses free-heel bindings. Alpine skiing or downhill skiing came from the European Alps and uses fixed-heel bindings.

Sledding also known as sledging or tobogganing is a winter sport in very cold areas. The term means traveling down or sliding down on a flat surface of snow. It is similar to sliding but the player is seated in a vehicle known as sled in the U.S. and sledge or toboggan in other countries.

Snowboarding, also described as "surfing or skateboarding in the snow," was a raw winter sport in the U.S. around 1960. However, when snowboarding debuted in the 1988 Winter Olympics, it became one of the most popular sports.

The sport involves descending on a snow-covered slope on a fiberglass board resembling a large skateboard attached to a rider's feet using a special boot set on a mounted binding. The rule of snowboarding is to maintain balance while surfing on a ski slope.

Snowmobilers love the sparkle of the pure and untouched mountain snow. For them, there is nothing lovelier than its sight.  

Snowmobiling is a winter sport that uses snowmobiles or little snow machines. It is usually designed for a one-person user to ride in the snow. Unlike snowboarding and skiing, which must be done from the top of the mountain or hill then propels down using the force of gravity, snowmobiles are designed for hills, mountains and elevated or flat lands. Snowmobiles are almost similar to a motorcycle or all-terrain vehicle for winter use on snow-covered grounds.

The benefits of GPS in winter sports are:

Navigation Assistance
Planning with a site-specific snow trail map before the trip will save valuable time. A GPS mapping app, complete with a pre-downloaded most recent snow trail, will be your most valuable possession during a winter sport adventure.

A GPS device can be used to send a distress signal. Winter sports are not safe all the time. If you are injured, lost or caught in a blizzard, the rescue teams will use your GPS location to find you.

Record Points of Interest
Record favorite spots as well as mark off dangerous areas as you find them on the trail and share it with fellow winter sport enthusiasts.   

Why use an Android GPS app like BackCountry Navigator in your winter sports activities outdoor? Because BackCountry Navigator is your most reliable tool. 

Have fun and take care.